Your puppy will have his or her first set of puppy shots
and will be completely dewormed.
Our puppies are
guaranteed for one full year against life-threatening congenital
defects, and I furnish a health certificate and "report card" from my veterinarian,
assuring you of a healthy, happy puppy!

When the puppies are born, you may choose your new baby from pictures on my
website.  At that time I will accept a money order, personal check, or PayPal
transaction for your
non-refundable deposit of $500
to reserve your puppy.  This deposit cannot be transferred to another puppy, or
transferred to another family. When your deposit reaches me, I will mark your puppy
as reserved at that time.
I require cash, money order, or cashier's check for the
balance on the day you take your puppy home.  I will not accept a personal check
for your balance.  If you need your new baby shipped to you, I will need your
balance to reach me before the puppy can be put on the flight.
If you choose, you
may fly to Buffalo to pick your puppy up at the airport and take him or her home as a
Please note that
Maltese by Valerie reserves the right to refuse sale of any puppy.
During the 12 week wait, as we get to know each other better through emails,  if for
some reason I feel uneasy about placing one of my babies in your home, I will return
your deposit.  It doesn't happen very often, but I need to be confident I am placing
my babies in the best homes possible.
You may pick your puppy up here at 12 weeks, or
I am willing to send your precious new maltese puppy by air if need be,
anywhere in the continental USA, and am
experienced at this procedure. We are conveniently located an hour away from
Buffalo-Niagara International Airport.

The puppies come off the plane happy, with their tails wagging, and are absolutely
thrilled to meet their new owners!
Air-Shipping is a flat fee of $350.
This price covers the puppy's airfare, the travel crate, the special health certificate
for air shipment, my travel to the vet for the health certificate a day or two before
the shipping date, and also my travel to the airport on the day of the flight.

Thank you for your interest in our
Maltese by Valerie Puppies!
I have made this page to help you understand the process
of adopting one of our little babies.

I now can accept your major credit card through
Please email me with your choice of puppy to be sure your
puppy is still available before initiating the transaction.  
This is, of course, after we have discussed the possibility of
you owning one of our babies and joining our
"Maltese by Valerie Family"

Please email me with any other questions you may have at:
I look forward to welcoming you into our
Maltese by Valerie Family soon!
If you are seriously considering adopting a
"Maltese by Valerie" puppy:

The first thing you need to do is contact me to express your interest and let
me know what you are looking for in a maltese puppy.  I will then ask you to
tell me all about yourself and your family.  Yes, I am particular about where
my little ones go to live forever.  Does that mean you have to be financially
wealthy?  Not at all.  I do expect you to be able to provide your puppy's
basic needs of good food, a crate for training, vet care to complete the shot
series, and someone at home during the day to be there for the little one's
basic house training, manners, and to provide the love and nurturing needed
to have your puppy grow into the best dog ever. It is also important to be
able to take your puppy for grooming when needed.
Answers to some questions
you may have:
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The Adoption Process made easy!
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